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Union Mezcal

In the production of mezcal, we look for and support producers with investments in the development of their palenques with the intention of increasing their production volume, always taking care of a 100% artisanal process based on good practices and care for the ecosystem.

Together, these factors guarantee peasants and producers sustainable income, on average 25 times more than with other models.

We are constantly planting Espadín, Tobalá and Cirial agaves. An agave takes time to grow, but our goal is to be able to use only the agaves that we have planted. We take care of the genetic variety of the agave and with good agricultural practices, we avoid soil erosion.

Our products are produced in an artisanal way in collaboration with 9 producing regions in the state of Oaxaca.


Mar 12 2022


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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3rd Street Beverage
740 NE 3rd St Suite 5 Bend, OR 97701
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