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Unfortunately, nothing good lasts. Beer is no exception. Over time, beer can become stale due to exposure to light, temperature and time. No one wants to pop open a crisp beer only to find it’s flat and nasty, so let’s discuss ways to ensure a fresh beer experience every time.

1. All Beers are Not Created Equal 

Now, there’s no set-in-stone chart for the freshness of every brand of beer, however there are some rules you can follow that help quite a bit. 

Rule #1: Check the ABV 

If a beer has an ABV above 8%, then you typically do not need to worry about its freshness. These beers take much longer to go stale because the alcohol content acts as a preservative. 

Rule #2: Check the Style of Brewing

Sours and smoky beers tend to also stay fresh longer. Beers with a higher hops count tend to spoil quicker, so it’s important to consume these within a reasonable amount of time. 

Rule #3: Pasteurization Matters

Oftentimes, American breweries do not pasteurize their beers. However, if you find a beer that has been, it will stay fresh significantly longer. 

2. Drink Within 3 Months

If your beer is not pasteurized, it’s best to drink it within 3 months of the bottle date. The bottling date is usually on the box or bottom of the can or bottle. 

Additionally, beer can usually survive three days in the trunk of a car, 30 days at room temp and 300 days in the fridge.

3. Throw it in The Fridge

If you’re not going to be able to drink your beer now, put it in the fridge to ensure ultimate freshness. This slows oxidation and flavor deterioration over time. Maintaining a consistent temperature over time will also help prevent your beer from getting a bit funky.

4. Store in a Dark Place

If you don’t have spare fridge space, an ideal spot for your beer is in a dark, cool place. Keeping it cool and away from light (think under a bed or in a corner of the basement) will help keep the beer as fresh as possible without a refrigerator.

5. Store Upright

Be sure your beer is always stored upright, no matter where you put it. This minimizes the surface area that is exposed to the air in the bottle, which prevents oxidation and ensures ultimate freshness. 


As fellow beer connoisseurs, we know how annoying it can be to crack open a cold one only to find it’s gone a bit rancid. From sours to IPA’s, these tips will help you keep your beer as fresh as possible for as long as possible!

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