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This past year has brought a lot of interesting trends to life. Everything from food delivery apps to TikTok dances to take-out alcohol have spread like wildfire since the pandemic kicked off. While there have been numerous challenges in this timeframe, there have also been some innovative occurrences that are changing the game; specifically when it comes to the adult beverage industry. Let’s take a look at some of the most prevalent trends we’re noticing!


Hard seltzers have made a huge splash the past few years, with more and more “boutique” brands popping up everyday. Given their refreshing, low-cal, low-carb profile, it’s no wonder they’re becoming so popular! Whether you’re looking at the bigger brands such as White Claw and Bud Light or going with something a little smaller like Wild Basin or Topo Chico seltzers, they’re a great way to get a fruity and sometimes herbaceous buzz!


This is something you can achieve at home or, perhaps, order to-go! With laws shifting in favor of seeing restaurants achieve without much available seating, it’s easy to take those cocktails to-go. Some restaurants are offering kits to DIY it at home while others are pre-making the cocktails to pick-up at the door. Either way, you can easily enjoy your favorite restaurant quality drinks anytime! 


CBD (Cannabidiol) is becoming hugely popular these days. It’s no wonder why, with it’s relaxing effects and zero hangover. It might come as no surprise that CBD complements alcohol well with its positive mood-enhancing effects. From wine to cocktails to infused hard alcohol, the possibilities are endless.


There are a multitude of reasons to not want to consume alcohol. From addiction issues to weight watching to pregnancy, alcohol may not be a part of your life at the moment. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a similar taste without the addictive/potentially damaging effects. Alcohol-free beer has been around for ages, but there are now no-and-low alcohol wines and cocktails to enjoy as well!


Canned cocktails are a joy! They come in a multitude of flavors and varieties, while also being easily ready to take anywhere you want. Picnic in the park? Let’s do it! Camping trip cocktails? Done! From Bloody Marys to Gin and Tonics, the possibilities are endless. 


Yeah, it would be a dream come true if cocktails were actually healthy, but we can’t always get what we want…however, maybe we can come close. From weight-friendly to veggies and fruit infusions, there are a few options out there. A simple vodka-soda with lime is easy to keep low-carb while a diet Jack and coke has a similar impact. Also, don’t discount a cinnamon infusion or the “benefits” of a good tequila! No matter your tastes, you can find something delicious to fit your health needs to, just put some thought into it!