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Fall is creeping up on us quickly, bringing with it a longing for coziness. Cozy drinks are at the top of our list, how about you? Let’s discuss some of our current favorite wines to enjoy during the Autumn season!


We know the stereotype of red wine is the go-to for fall, but that simply isn’t true. Full-bodied white wines also deserve a moment this season. Typically, this wine carries a lush, mouth-filling flavor with the slightest bit of pizazz, making it the perfect companion for dark green fall vegetables. If you’re able to, find an aged or oaky version, providing the perfect added flavors of honey and almond. 

Italian Rosé

Rosé can consist of literally any red grape from any given vineyard; they’re known for this. However, Italian versions are a great pairing for a cool, crisp day. Made from native grapes, Italian rosés typically have a darker pink color than their counterparts. Their signature flavors usually range from plum to tart to orange-toned, making them a great match for the cool air.


Barbera is considered Northern Italy’s “wine of the people”. Its pigmentation lends to a rich, light-bodied experience with berry and cherry notes usually found in bolder, bigger wines. However, it goes down smoothly with gorgeous acidity. The oak-heavier styles carry the surprise of spicier, chocolate, and vanilla notes as well, creating a sumptuous treat for chilly nights.


Gamay creates light, lively reds no matter where they’re grown. They have mild tannins with candied fruit and wild berry notes, making them an easy drink no matter the event. Good acidity and herbaceous undertones result in a flexible match for any type of meal or activity. It’s also a terrific cross-over wine for white wine drinkers! France is the top producer of these wines, but there are global growers now, making it easy to find an inexpensive option. 


This is Spain’s biggest red. Combining the same spice combo of pumpkin spice…well, everything in the fall, Tempranillo’s are absolutely perfect for crisp, cool weather. These wines come with earthy tobacco and clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg aromas. Medium to full-bodied, they’re a great match for braises and stews that usually take the spotlight on fall menus.


Composed of cranberry, baking spice, and cured meat flavors, Carignan is perfect for Autumn days. This medium-bodied red is coming out of its low-quality shell and breaking onto the scene.  Many producers have reinvigorated old offerings and are crafting terrific wines that pair well with many foods. 

Rhone White Blends

France’s Rhone Valley’s white wines are a hidden treat. Complete with dashes of nuttiness, these whites combine golden apple and citrus flavors with hints of creaminess. It’s lighter than most Chardonnays, yet heavier than Sauvignon Blancs, making them ideal for chicken dinners and cozy fall fares. When searching for this wine, seek out “Rhone Valley” on the label. French bottles don’t tend to include the names of the grapes, so you have to know what to look for when searching French wines.