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We’re deep in the throes of January, which means our New Year’s resolutions are currently perched over our heads in hopes of success. Maybe you’re killing it, maybe you’re struggling. Regardless, you’re not alone! If cutting calories was on your list this year, we’re here with some low-cal suggestions to get you through. Here’s a look at seven of our favorite drink ideas!

Vodka Soda

This is a classic you can find or make with ease. There are only 133 calories in 7.5 oz, making it one of the lowest-calorie alcoholic beverages you can have. While it may sound boring, you can easily mix it up by adding lemon or lime juice, cucumber, mint, or even flavored sparkling water to give it a boost without the calories.

Gin and Diet Tonic

Another classic, you can easily swap regular tonic for diet tonic. It’s calorie-free and readily available. This drink comes in at 128 calories for a typical pour, but you can adjust your ratio and add more tonic and ice with less gin to take it down even more.

Hard seltzer

We’ve talked about this before, but it bears repeating: hard seltzers are here to stay AND they’re killing the game. New flavors and brands are coming out all the time, so it’s hard not to find at least one you enjoy. From fruity to herbaceous, the flavor variety is hard to beat, and they usually come in just around 100 calories per can.

White Wine

A 5 oz pour of white wine carries about 123 calories, making it an ideal option. Not only is it lower calorie, but there are so many varieties available to try. If you’re feeling a little bored with just white wine, try mixing some fruit or sparkling water in with it to jazz things up!

Dry Martini

Typically, a martini consists of gin and vermouth, topped with olives or a wedge of lemon. In order to decrease calories, go with a dry martini instead, which has more gin and less vermouth to reach a calorie count of 185. You can always top it off with a lemon wedge and orange bitters to spice things up a bit too.

Tequila and Lime

This one is so simple and straightforward, you might wonder why you don’t drink it all the time. Clocking in at 99 calories, a shot of tequila with lime is the perfect choice when watching your calories. If straight tequila isn’t your idea of a good time, you can always mix in sparkling water (flavored or not), coconut water or even jalapeño. 

Light Beer

When you compare it to regular beer, light beer has lower calories combined with a lower alcohol count. This can be an ideal option when you want the taste of beer but are still watching your waistline. The exact calorie count varies, but you’re usually looking at around 100 calories per can with light beer.

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