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Enjoying your time in the great outdoors with a drink is simple. Whether you’re backpacking or car camping, you can find many ways to enjoy a mixed drink that doesn’t come in a can! Read on for tips on making the most of drinking while camping. 

1. Be Selective About What You Bring

If you’re backpacking, you obviously need to keep it minimal when packing your booze so it’s easy to carry. However, even car campers can benefit from paring their selection down when packing. Bringing a few bottles such as rum, vodka and maybe a liqueur that you can combine or sip straight is an economical way to enjoy alcohol while camping. Add in a few mixers such as soda, juice and iced tea, and you’ll be one happy camper! 

2. Stirred, Not Shaken

Camping can make it difficult to clean things up, so sipping on something you can stir in a glass is a good option. If you absolutely want to shake things up, do it in a nalgene bottle that you can sip out of for quick and easy clean up!

3. Choose Temp-Neutral Drinks

Provided you have a cooler (with space), you can certainly chill your drink components. However, this can be frustrating given how quickly ice melts. Opting for cocktails that don’t need to be chilled is your best bet if you’re looking to make things easy. Obviously, you can always get creative and chill bottles in lake water, streams and even snow, but this can get gross at times. We recommend just getting acquainted with a yummy room temperature cocktail such as a Manhattan!

4. Watch The Size

This is especially helpful if you’re hiking in. Getting a bunch of mini bottles of booze allows you to bring a variety and save space. You can also store alcohol in Nalgene bottles or pouches with screw-on caps!

5. Make Ahead

A great idea is to build your cocktails ahead of time and store them in insulated containers. Mix them in a pitcher then store them in a portable vessel to take with you!  

6. Bring Fresh Components

Bringing some lemons, oranges or limes to add to cocktails can really bring your drinks to life. Be sure to bring a knife to cut/peel/zest them appropriately at your campsite. Additionally, a sprig or two of fresh herbs can liven up a beverage in a snap and they’re easy to bring along! 

7. Put The Fire To Work

Campfires aren’t just good for hanging out around. They’re also perfect for warming up a hot cocoa, mulled cider or campfire coffee to add a little pep to your night. 

8. Be Responsible

Yes, drinking while camping is a blast. It helps you relax a bit more and can add to the experience. However, don’t get so intoxicated that you’re endangering yourself and/or others. Don’t boat or ATV while drinking, and always be aware of your surroundings. Also, stay hydrated, especially if it’s hot or you’ve been active. We want you to be safe above all else!