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With the overall popularity of sparkling wine of all varieties on the rise, this is a question we’re seeing more and more. The basic answer is that a wine can only carry the name “Champagne” when it comes from the Champagne region of France. On the other hand, Prosecco originates in Italy. This is the most simple answer, however. Read on to find out the true differences!


One facet of the pricing differences comes from the method behind the production of each wine. Champagne production is a more arduous process, rendering it more expensive. Another reason for the pricing differences is market demand. Champagne carries a higher prestige (whether it’s worthy of it or not), so it also carries a higher price tag. While Prosecco tends to be more affordable, it’s also quite delicious and can be exceptional in its own right. 

You should expect to pay ~$40 per bottle for a high-quality entry-level Champagne and ~$20 per bottle for a high-quality entry-level Prosecco.

Tasting Notes

Champagne has very fine, consistent bubbling due to its carbonation process. Traditional flavors you will find tend to have almond with notes of orange-zest and cherries. It’s also not unusual to find cheesy, toasty, or biscuity aromas due to the yeast particles!

Prosecco usually has lighter bubbles that taper out because it is aged in large tanks with less pressure. Its flavors tend to lean towards fruity and flowery with vanilla, tropical, and honeycomb aromas. 


Champagne pairs nicely with fried appetizers, shellfish, raw foods, and pickled vegetables. Some more unexpected champagne matches include macaroni and cheese, fish tacos, and panna cotta.

Prosecco tends to be a bit sweeter, making it a terrific pairing with Asian cuisine, fruitier appetizers, and cured meats and cheeses. Unexpected pairings include french fries, popcorn, and lemon meringue pie.


Champagne originates from a more northerly climate than Prosecco does. This means that Champagne grapes tend to carry a higher acidity in them. However, the Valdobbiadene region of Italy where Prosecco originates maintains its own unique microclimate that renders it significantly cooler and rainier than the areas around it. This results in a crisp sparkling wine experience.  

Who’s The Best?

Personally, we don’t feel there’s a clear winner here. It’s based solely on personal preference, what you’re looking to pair it with, how impressive you’re looking to be and so much more. They both offer unique, delicious experiences, so we recommend trying one of each to dip your toes in the water. Maybe you love carbonation or prefer a more floral palate. You’ll find what you’re looking for after a bit of experimentation!

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