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Black Friday just whizzed past us, which always indicates it’s probably a good time to start looking for actual gifts for our family and friends. This year, it feels especially important to seek out personal, unique gifts to show those around us just how much we care about them. Now, since we’re expert level in all things alcohol, we thought we’d recommend some beer, wine, and liquor gifts to help you with your shopping this year! We also added in some creative options that can be made from repurposed items. 

Who doesn’t have that uncle who collects stickers from every brewery he encounters? Or that best friend who imbibes just a bit too much in the wine on the weekends? Or that sibling who is very passionate about tequila? We’re not here to judge; we’re here to help you find great gifts (and provide stellar alcohol recommendations to the fine folks living in or visiting Central Oregon). Stop by our store to see our collection of unique, inspired, and fun gifts for just about everyone on your list! 


There are a plethora of wine-related gifts that you can find anywhere, generic, and often boring. Our gifts are a little spunky and a lot of fun. They’ve got a punch of personality so you can rest assured that the people on your list will be pleased. 

Mulled wine spice mix – For the person who likes to get a little creative in the kitchen, while also getting a little drunk.

Wine glass snack topper – Perfect for the person that loves to host a movie night. You can keep your snacks and wine all in one place without worrying about spilling!

Unique, handmade wine glasses – These are ideal for a collector or someone who’s a bit eccentric and unconcerned with their dishware all matching. They’re a beautiful addition to anyone’s bar. 


Unique & Fun Flasks- Our fun flask collection has a little something for everyone on your list!

Liquor decanter – This is a stunning addition to any liquor lover’s life. 

Woodsy whiskey glasses – These are classy and subtle, with the perfect vibe for any outdoors person.

Repurposed bottle candle – Not only is it recycled, but it’s also a classy addition to any space! 

Vodka infused cocktail kit – This would be perfect for that DIYer in your life. Add a little punch to their next at-home cocktail.

Fancy Cocktail Salt – This is for the loved one that has everything. It tastes pretty darn good with some top-shelf tequila!


Beer stones to elevate your tasting experience – These are shaped like hops and meant to recreate that “in-pub” taste in any canned or bottled beer you may have on hand. 

Hoppy IPA handmade candle – Lovely and masculine, we could see this sitting in a bachelor pad waiting for the perfect winter’s night to come to life.

Beer can mitten – We all know that one person who will let their hands freeze all for the love of a good beer. This is for that person on your list.  

Personal bottle opener – This could easily hang on the wall in a kitchen or in a mancave, adding a bit of class and pizazz while also being very useful!

For all of your wine, beer, and liquor needs, come see us at 3rd Street Beverage in Bend. We’ve got all the recommendations you could ever need to make your holiday season the best one yet, including party supplies, gifts, and mixers!