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When you have been invited to a cocktail, dinner, or housewarming party, most of the time, it is customary to bring a gift for the host or hostess as a way of showing your gratitude for having made the shortlist of guests to attend out of all the people they know.

There is definitely an etiquette to picking the perfect hostess gift, and the gifts people most commonly give include flowers, wine, and plants.

There are some pointers to remember when it comes to etiquette and we have included a brief list below to help guide you. Remember to get creative, have fun selecting your gift and think outside the box!

Be discrete. 

Not everyone at the party will bring a hostess gift, so you will want to offer yours to the host(ess) as soon as you greet them without bringing undue attention to the gift. It is also okay to set the gift on an entry table and quietly let the host of the party know you left something for them. If you wrap the gift, be sure to leave a little card with it, so the host knows who it came from. Parties are a lot of work and the host may not have time to open the gift right away, so leaving a card with it just helps them identify which gift goes with which attendee.

Does not have to be elaborate.

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on the gift you plan to take. Keeping it simple, yet fun is always a good way to go about choosing the right gift. Consider bringing something made locally, like candles or soaps, or a craft beer from the town you live in. Grab a six-pack from our coolers and share your favorite Oregon brewery with the host of the party, they might even incorporate the beverage into the evening and share it with the other partygoers.

Consider the type of party.

If you are worried about the gift being out of place, consider the kind of party you have been invited to and let that be your guide for selecting a gift. If it is a cocktail party, you could select something that is a little off the cuff, perhaps a set of funny shot glasses or some wine tumblers with snappy quotes. If it is a more formal dinner party, consider a set of martini glasses or some local syrups that the host can use for mixed drinks.

Never show up empty-handed.

No matter what the occasion is for the party, remember to never show up empty-handed. The host has likely gone to great effort and expense to ensure your time is special, be sure to thank them with a thoughtful hostess gift. Again, it does not have to be expensive, and it can be unique.

At 3rd Street Beverage, we have an array of options that include some more traditional gifts like glassware and cocktail napkins, to more unique options like colorful aprons and hilarious socks. Choosing the perfect hostess or host gift does not have to be stressful, just find something that speaks to you and most likely you will score points with the party host too!