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The new year is upon us, bringing with it new resolutions and new trends. We’re not
about to sit here and tell you to embark on a dry January for weight loss because then
we’d go out of business, but we can tell you the trend predictions for alcohol for 2022
so you can stay ahead of the curve! Now, some of these aren’t surprising if you’ve
been following along the past couple of years (looking at you, rosè), but there are
some interesting new contenders popping up (low ABV, what?!). Let’s take a look at
the forecast:

1. Hard seltzers
This is a trend that’s here to stay for a while. While people are focusing more heavily on their health and fitness in a semi-post-pandemic world, hard seltzer allows for a lower-calorie imbibement. Many breweries, both local and international, are crafting their own hard seltzers in order to cash in on this moment. Take advantage of this race
because we’re anticipating some amazing new concoctions in the new year!

2. Rosé
Another trend that shows no sign of slowing, rosè is simply a joyful, light beverage that brightens up people’s lives. Let’s be honest, we can all use some of that these days. Not only is there a love for the wine, but anything with a pink hue. Blush ciders and vibrant sours are also having a moment right now. They’re Instagrammably pretty, fun, and taste delicious!

3. Local Brand Love
Not only are we experiencing international shortages in some products, but the pandemic also helped push people even further into showing support for local businesses. It’s become difficult for some bars to obtain the liquors they tend to serve, so they’re turning to local businesses that they know can provide for them all while giving back to the community!

4. Boutique Wines
Similar to buying local, there’s a desire to support small businesses right now. From wildfire decimation to the pandemic, boutique wineries have been through the wringer in the past couple of years. This has inspired many people to seek out smaller brands that they can feel great about supporting while potentially finding a new wine they love.

5. Colourful Aperitifs
If you haven’t noticed, color is really taking center stage at the moment. Vibrant cocktails bring a sense of happiness to those enjoying them, and they’ve gained increasing popularity over the past couple of years. You’ll notice that Aperol Spritzes and Negronis are popping up on drink menus everywhere, and we highly recommend
one on a sunny afternoon.

6. Whiskey Nerds
This is an interesting trend we’re seeing pop-up recently. People got really bored during the pandemic, and apparently whiskey became a big thing. Researching, sampling, discussing and enjoying whiskey is now a very social activity that can be enjoyed at home during a quarantine period, or while out and about with friends. From
cheap to high-end, the whiskey love shows no sign of letting up.

7. No and Low ABV
There are so many of these popping up on the market right now. Again, with the more health conscious state we’re currently in, it’s no wonder. These are not only delicious, they fill a void where you cannot or do not want to drink alcohol, but would still like the overall taste and experience. This is a newer trend we don’t see stopping anytime

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