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During the warmer summer months, you don’t want something heavy to drink. A light, refreshing wine is the perfect fit for sweltering days and sultry nights. Follow along as we talk about the best types of wine for summertime!

Best Whites

White wine is the perfect choice if you’re looking for something light or something perfect to mix into a spritzer. When choosing your white wines, seek out ones with high acidity, light to medium body and a dry taste. If you want something sweeter, look for a higher acidity, potentially with mixes of peach and honey with citrus. Ideal types of white wine include:


With sweet and dry options available, riesling is a great table wine that pairs well with many foods.

   Pinot Grigio

Also called “pinot gris”, this typically originates in Italy or France. Its flavor profile depends on the region it came from, but it universally tends to pair well with seafood.

   Sauvignon Blanc

Recently, sauvignon blanc has become quite popular. It’s versatile, with a soft acidity that makes it a great choice anytime of day.

   White Blends

There’s a complexity to white blends that make them interesting to drink. They are best served slightly warmer than other chilled wines, so they can easily be enjoyed out in the sun.

Best Rosés

These are crisp, fresh options that are perfect for any type of warm weather. When seeking out the perfect rosé, consider the age of the bottle and remember that fruity does not always equal sweet. While many wines get better with age, rosés do not. They should be enjoyed within a couple of years of production. Don’t be afraid of a dry rosé either; this can add a terrific crispness to the wine.


Bubbly rosé comes in a variety of offerings; from dry brut to sweeter proseccos, you can’t go wrong.


The Provence region of France is known for its rosé. Crisp and refreshing tones make these perfect for summertime sipping.


Melon, rose and peach give this wine it’s beautiful copper tone. It’s ideal for a light meal on a summer evening.


A magical addition to any hot summer day, this wine is best served cold. Its acidity and tannins blend to create a beautiful, crisp aftertaste.

   Pinot Noir

This is a more universal offering, with delicate flavors perfect for any palate. It is a bit drier, so a backyard barbecue is the perfect time to bust it out.

Best Reds

This is where we also tell you what to avoid. Heavy, full-bodied reds are not ideal for summertime. You want to seek out reds that taste good chilled, have lower tannin levels and a higher acidity. This ensures a wine you’re sure to enjoy and feel refreshed by in the heat. Lighter-bodied wines are crisper with a higher acidity, so you will enjoy every sip.


The taste of berries immediately fill your palate with this wine. It’s the perfect match for boating.


Low tannins make this easy to drink. It’s fresh, tastes great chilled, and is not overwhelming at all.

   Pinot Noir

Cool-climate pinot noirs are a great match for a sunny day. Often fruit-driven and light-bodied, these pair perfectly with barbeque.

   Lambrusco di Sorbara

This is a sweet way to beat the heat. Best served chilled, its bubbly and acidic; perfect for a day on the beach.


Sweet and sour come together to create this popular Australian wine. It’s a great way to wind down after a long day, and oftentimes offers a bit of carbonation to boot.